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The Odd Empowerment in Experiencing Death

My dad, leading his own way–as always. The lessons to be learned from my father’s unexpected death are probably innumerable and will surely continue to trickle in over time. One, however, has hit me hard and fast, and…though a little scary…has served as one of the few comforts during this surreal, tender period. It struck me in full while I was […]

The Unbearable Whiteness of Dior

I was initially sucked in. Legs encased in vinyl boots resembling chocolate-dipped confections; flowery embellishments strung across guipure lace and topped off with fluid plastic capes; seventies-era sequin jumpsuits that feel equal parts right and wrong. Is this couture as relevant, again? I wondered for a hot second, browsing Dior’s Spring Couture 2015 collection and finding the design itself to […]

On the New Job & Some Partially-Solicited Advice

“I did nothing right, but it’s better that way.” – A quote from a wise young lady featured on Who What Wear, my new employer (insert every emoji). The other day my Twitter feed was filled with someones complaints about how hard they work and how, if other people would live up to their standards, they’d be equally successful. It was pretty gross, […]